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YUYANG customizes intellectualized, process-oriented and customer value-oriented industrial intelligence integration solutions for different industrial manufacturing difficulties and needs of enterprises. The solution is designed, tested and optimized by senior engineers to ensure reliability, safety, efficiency and low cost.

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YUYANG products and solutions are very suitable for the professional manufacturing industry; they fully meet the user requirements for manufacturing products to the maximum level of flexibility, quality and efficiency.

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YUYANG with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and technology accumulation cooperates with leading companies in Germany, Italy, UK, and the United States. Based on intelligent manufacturing information technology and manufacturing depth fusion, Yuyang forms independent core technology, core components, leading industrial intelligent products and intelligent manufacturing system integration solutions for the integration of the complete manufacturing automation, intelligent industry value chain. Yuyang can also support in production, manufacturing, sales and so on, all to help manufacturing enterprises realize intelligent manufacturing and smart production

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YUYANG customizes intelligent, process-based and customer-value-oriented industrial intelligent integrated solutions for different industrial manufacturing difficulties and demands of enterprises. The solutions are carefully designed, tested and optimized by senior engineers to ensure maximum reliability, safety, efficiency and low cost.



YUYANG relies on more than 20 years'experience and technology accumulation in the field of industrial manufacturing to provide specialized industrial intelligence one-stop service to meet the needs of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, so as to improve product quality, reduce production costs, improve operational efficiency and continuously create maximum value for users.


Dalian Yuyang Industrial Intelligence Co., Ltd., focusing on R&D, manufacturing and service of industrial intelligence, is a leading provider of industrial intelligence integration solutions in China.

No. 5 Huixian Street, Dalian, China

+86400877 3838

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